Month: December 2021

Curs estadística

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Quaesita – MFML courses

✨'The Best Lecture'✨ on Machine Learning that I have seen up till now Watching the -> Making friends with machine learning serieson youtube @quaesita @googlecloud @GoogleCloudTech @YouTube #lecture #Google #AI #MachineLearning — Yagyesh Bobde (@bobde_yagyesh) December 26, 2021

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Merry Christmas – ML courses

Happy Holidays, friends!🥳 We've made a recap of the most popular courses for you. 1. Deep Learning by @ylecun, @alfcnz2. Linear Algebra @MIT3. Deep Learning for NLP @DeepMind, @CompSciOxford Find links in the thread!1/5 — TheSequence (@TheSequenceAI) December 25, 2021

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